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The Race for Talent Is Back On

Human Resources (HR) is going through a radical change. Usually accepted as a functional division, HR is becoming a strategic partner. Today, HR focuses on recruitment, growth and talent management, the foundation of success.

Recruitment consultancy firm Michael Page’s new global Human Resources Barometer shows that when HR puts people first, it plays a key role in companies’ growth and transformation plans.

In Turkey 68% (globally 63%) of HR leaders directly report to the top management. 80% of HR leaders have strategically important responsibilities. Also, 60% specify payroll and personnel management amongst their responsibilities. These results verify HR’s increasing strategic importance.

Recruitment budgets are increasing

Michael Page Turkey’s Managing Director Hugo Campo states that HR Barometer’s results verify companies’ plans to increase employment in the following months and prove their positive viewpoint while pointing out the race for finding and retaining talent is back on.

48% of participants are considering increasing their workforce within the year. 32% foresee stability, 19% expect a decrease. HR Barometer shows that workforce increase has the biggest share of the HR budget. 35% of companies in Turkey plan to increase their recruitment budget next year. 46% think the workforce will increase (64% of them forecasted a more than 5% increase).

Talent management tops the list, diversity and inclusion amongst the last


Turkey, compared to other countries emphasizes talent management more. According to the barometer, HR leaders’ top priority is “talent management” with 33%, in Turkey this ratio is above 49%. Half of the companies in Turkey and Southeast Asia list talent management as their top priority for next year.

Turkey, China, Southeast Asia and India monitor recruitment more efficiently. Number of KPIs (Key Business Indicator) increase as the company and HR grow. Most tracked KPIs in Turkey are employee loyalty (79%), employee performance (71%) and staff turnover (69%).

Globally, HR managers’ priorities differ in public and private sectors. In public sector salary and social welfare is at the top (33%), in general this rate is 18%.

Also, diversity and inclusion tops the list of issues not considered important by the employers with 4%.


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