The race for top talent is back on. Not only is there often a shortage of qualified individuals with the niche expertise needed, but candidates are also cautious of changing roles, especially if there is an uncertain economic environment. It may prove difficult to attract the best candidates to your company and those who are willing to move might be looking for a solid employer proposition and benefits to match.

Employers cannot afford being passive when they are hiring. They need to work hard on creating a strong employer value proposition to display themselves to their potential candidates in the best way possible.

1. Take advantage of today’s social world

The Internet now provides plenty of opportunities to promote your company, as well as enlarging the scope of your recruitment efforts. The wide use of social networking sites has opened up new doors to demonstrate your company identity. Today your social media presence is an opportunity to unleash the true personality of your brand and give a potential candidate an insight into life at your company. From LinkedIn to Instagram there is wide scope of social channel options for companies.

2. An inviting job advertisement

A well-written, well-targeted job advert can play a big role in the success of your recruitment process. As a must, pay high attention to the language, grammar, vocabulary and mention the benefits of your company as a whole, rather than just the requirements of the role. No need to say, avoid grammatical mistakes or typos. Make sure your tone of voice is ‘on brand’ and your language is engaging and humanistic.

3. Highlight your brand’s message

No one knows your company better than you do, so make sure you clearly communicate why you love your company and why others should love it too. Candidates want to feel a synergy with the company culture and feel a bond before making the effort to joining. More than ever, candidates are keen on finding long-term security from a job – so make sure you communicate good performance results, awards, success stories, press releases, media coverage and any plans of future growth.

4. Social responsibility

Increasingly, candidates are valuing companies who are giving back to society. Researches done among Y and Z-Generations, proves this fact. Ecological-awareness in the work environment and charity activities are often high on their wish lists. Make sure you underline your corporate social responsibility on your web site and social media channels.

5. What makes you special?

Employees have higher expectations from companies. Is there anything that makes you particularly unique – do you have an extraordinary office space or a level hierarchical structure? Can you offer fast career progression or the international opportunities? Know your unique selling point and make sure you underline it enough.

6. Little more benefits

What special, added extras does your company give? Do you offer breakfast or lunch, cover transportation costs? Are you providing remote working, off paid-days, training opportunities, snacks in the office, parties, free Fridays or happy hours after work? When considering similar positions with similar salaries, these little extras might just convince a great candidate to choose your company over the competition.

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