IT Manager

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Eklendi 31/05/2024

  • A great opportunity to lead IT strategy and operations of a global organization
  • Implement recent technologies and digitalization projects to meet sector needs

Müşterimiz Hakkında

  • A leading global brand in the manufacturing industry, renowned for its innovative use of technology and high-quality products.
  • Sets industry standards with cutting-edge manufacturing processes and a commitment to digital transformation.

İş Tanımı

  • Lead and organise the IT department projects aligned with the organisation's objectives.
  • Keep up to date with technological innovations that could benefit the company, as well as study the feasibility of implementation.
  • Lead and monitor the implementation of new digitalization projects aligned with those in the Group.
  • Manage and improve the existing ERP, BPM and BI applications detecting and mitigating process errors.
  • Work towards automated processes to decrease manually activities while analyzing processes and propose improvements to optimise daily work.
  • Development and implementation of secure processes and systems to protect and mitigate cyber-attacks.
  • Obtain cybersecurity reports on risks, trends, strategy... to update other executives.
  • Educate other employees on security best practices. At the same time, establish a secure environmentt hroughout the organisation.
  • Establish a structure that maximises cross-departmental collaboration.
  • Establish and enforce IT policies, while coordinating both human and material resources within the technology department, and overseeing the management and monitoring of the department's budget
  • Manage necessary purchases and oversee asset assignment processes within the IT department.

Aradığımız Profil

  • A bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in managing information technology department, teams and projects
  • Strong leadership skills to effectively manage and motivate technology teams
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively interact with team members, stakeholders, and other departments within the organisation
  • Ability to quickly identify and address issues as they arise, using critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to find solutions and keep projects on track
  • A strategic mindset with a forward-thinking approach, incorporating new technologies and methodologies tailored to the company's requirements while prioritising efficiency and business objectives
  • Mastery of programming languages, along with a deep understanding of cybersecurity, is indispensable. The preferred candidate should excel in crafting and enhancing software solutions while also establishing strong security protocols to mitigate potential risks.
  • A proven track record in digitalization and automation processes aimed at enhancing the efficiency of existing systems
  • Proficiency in enterprise software solutions such as NETSIS ERP, Logo Ming BI, BPM, SAP, CRM Dynamics, and Power BI
  • Proficiency in both written and verbal English is a must

Teklif Edilenler

  • An opportunity to become a part of a global organisation
  • Creating success stories by leveraging recent technologies in a sector-leading environment
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