Stock Controller and Demand Planning Specialist

Istanbul (Asia) Kalıcı

Tarihinde güncellendi 13/06/2024

  • A Global Medical Device Company in implantable hearing solutions area.
  • Great career opportunity for Stock Controllers and Demand Planning Specialists

Müşterimiz Hakkında

Our client is one of the global medical device companies in the world. For their future development plans, we are looking for a
Stock Controller and Demand Planning Specialist.

İş Tanımı

  • Demand Forecast Collection Processes 
    a. Collecting operation/product forecasts from sales 
    b. Collecting upgrade forecasts from customer service 
    c. Holding a demand meeting with overseas and sharing the collected forecasts with the finance department

  • Inventory Operations 
    a. Stock entry operations for products received from overseas 
    b. Transfer operations for products coming in and out of the warehouse 
    c. Oracle non-sale invoice operations for products sent to audiologists or hospitals 
    d. Export Oracle invoice operations 
    e. Processing operations for defective processors - out of box process 
    f. Adjustment operations resulting from stock counting 
    g. Monthly serial/unit control 
    h. 3-month counting planning

  • UTS Operations 
    a. Bulk import notifications for all imported serialized products

  • Reporting Operations 
    a. Demand Accuracy Reporting 
    b. Inventory Days Reporting 
    c. Field Inventory Reporting

  • Control Operations 
    a. Daily back-order control for overseas orders - contacting if necessary 
    b. Weekly Open Order control 
    c. Weekly control of serials over 15 days 
    d. Monthly 99.SHIP warehouse control 
    e. Monthly expiration date control

Aradığımız Profil

  • Bachelor's degree in related field.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in stock management.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.
  • Analytic Skills: Ability to gather demand forecasts, manage orders, and handle reporting tasks requires strong analytically thinking.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication with various teams and external stakeholders is crucial. Strong communication skills, especially for international collaborations, are highly valuable.
  • Organization and Planning: Strong organizational and planning skills are essential for managing multiple tasks and processes effectively.
  • Technology Proficiency: Competence in using systems like Oracle can significantly enhance efficiency in handling tasks.
  • Knowledge of Customs and Export: Basic understanding or experience in customs procedures and export processes can streamline work flow.
  • Detail: Given the nature of tasks involving customs, invoicing, and reporting, being detail-oriented is crucial.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration with different teams and the ability to occasionally take on a leadership role are important for success.
  • No travel obstacle.

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Join one of the global companies in Medical Devices Service area in implantable hearing solutions area.

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