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Job Confidence Index Q2/2016

Young Turkish employees are confident about the job market, according to a survey by PageGroup.

Employees in Turkey have a positive outlook on the labour market and the economy as 57% of respondents under the age of 30 notice that the labour market is improving. While figures by Turkstat, the Turkish statistical institute, indicate that youth unemployment is on the rise, this has not deterred the confidence levels among Turkey’s young.

The questions respondents were asked centred around career expectations, salary, and the situation of the labour market.

The survey is by no means an indicator for the entire nation’s confidence, however, the figures attempt to give a general overview. When comparing Turkey’s results with other European countries such as Switzerland, France and Italy, Turkey has a surprisingly higher confidence index at 53% during Q1 of 2016.

These results are a positive signal for the Turkish economy as they act as a reflection of Turkey’s economic potential.

When looking more deeply at the results, 75% of workers under 30 are expecting a promotion in the next year and 63% of respondents believe their work/life balance will improve in the coming year as well.  These indicators show that many of Turkey’s youth are hopeful for their future and forecast positive change.


It isn’t just younger demographics who feel confident, however.

62% of employees between the age of 30 and 50 see an upcoming promotion and 60% of those older than 49 feel the same way. When looking at skill development, 89% of under 30s believe they will develop their skills. This is not surprising since employees in this demographic are at the beginning of their career and it is expected that they will have expertise to build upon.

When it came to finding a new job, younger employees had high levels of confidence. 69% of those surveyed under 30 believe that it would take less than 3 months to find a new job while this number reduces to 56% among employees aged 30 to 50.

With regard to the job market improving, overall 52% believe that it will improve. However, 31% of those aged under 30 are content with the current job market situation, which is also reflected in Turkstat’s unemployment figures.

As the demographics become more experienced, so does the confidence in the job market . 39% of employees aged 30-49 think the economic situation will improve in the near future. This number goes down to just 27% among those above 49, indicating there is less confidence among the older generation than the younger.


How does this compare with other countries in Europe?

The results shown in the Job Confidence Index show a broad trend throughout Europe. Overall, there is a fair level of confidence in the labour market but the results do vary, depending on the location. Countries such as Italy and Spain have lower levels of confidence when compared with Turkey and so offers some degree of hope. The most optimistic country is Sweden where more than 60% of employees are positive about the job market and 76% believe it will improve in the future.

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