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Michael Page Executive Assistants & Office Management

With its unique, consultative approach and an international network of offices, Michael Page Assistants & Secretarial has quickly established itself as the number one choice for the administrative professionals serious about their future and companies looking for talent.

Whether you are searching for a top candidate to fill a vacant position or, looking for a job as an executive assistant, personal assistant, secretary, administrator or receptionist, Michael Page Executive Assistants & Office Management has the experience, passion and resources to find it for you.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to both client and candidates, with the aim of finding a good match.

Our Executive Assistants & Office Management is capable of recruiting mainly for the following profiles:

  • Top Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Department Assistant (Sales & Marketing, HR, Supply Chain etc.)
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Receptionists

For years our team improved their knowledge of the market and built a strong network of professionals. In addition to our network in Turkey and Europe, we, as a part of PageGroup, have at our disposal an army of employees working at 153 offices spread across 35 countries. Our global network, combined with our unrivalled local industry knowledge, means that we have access to the best opportunities in the market.

Our approach

With four decades of recruiting experience our consultants have all the necessary tools to ensure the fulfilment of each assignment. We only use innovative methods that have proven effective, such as the professional use of social media. Thanks to this pragmatic approach Michael Page guarantees its customers a high-quality selection. Whether you are looking for a suitable employee or a suitable job, our consultants will accompany you step by step, from the precise definition of the assignment to the inclusion of the new employee in your company.

If you’re an organisation looking to attract the best talent or a candidate wanting to progress your career, then get in touch with Michael Page Executive Assistants & Office Management or browse for jobs now. 

To get started browse for executive assistants & office support jobs or contact our office directly to find out how our expertise could make a difference to your recruitment process.