Smartphones. Almost all of us have them today, and as useful as they are to help us connect to emails, social media, and the Internet, sometimes it can feel as though you never really escape work. 

However, a smartphone can also help you improve your working life balance, giving you more time and making you a happier, more productive person in the process.

To help you find this balance, we selected and reviewed four apps that can help you do more with your time (for less time).  

Your banking app – N26 

N26 has a full European bank license and is regulated by Boffin, as well as the European Central Bank. The registration is easy and every verified user is eligible for a free bank account with Maestro or Mastercard. The app uses TransferWise to avoid costly transactions, MoneyBeam for instant transactions, has Apple Pay integration and many more features for everyday use. 

Your work out app – Sworkit  

Sworkit is great for any fitness level. Choose workouts that last from five minutes to an hour. You can do yoga, pilates, strength building and cardio workouts, or build a custom routine that is equipment-free. This app is for people who don’t have enough time to visit the gym. The app is free with optional in-app purchases.  

Your app for to-do list – ToDoist 

Todoist is a to do list application that lets you keep track of everything in one place, so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind along the way. You can create sub-tasks and dependencies, projects, and sub-projects. You can attach due dates to these tasks, prioritize them using a colour-coding system, categorise them, and more. Highlight features include: Review the Day or Week Ahead, Remember Deadlines, Free-Up Mental Space.  

Your lifestyle app – Way of Life 

The Way of Life app helps you build good habits and break bad ones. A few seconds daily is all it takes to track your routines with Way of Life’s unique colour-coded system. As the app gathers more and more information on your movements, you will be able to spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle and quickly answer questions such as: “Am I getting enough sleep?”or; “How much fast food am I eating on average?”or even; “Have I reached my quota of bad movies for the month?”  

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