The UN’s sustainable development agenda has prompted many companies, including PageGroup, to reflect on their approach to sustainability. The challenge can be framed in simple terms. How do you build a successful business while at the same time making the world a better, fairer, greener place?

At PageGroup, we aim to do this through sustainable growth. Growth where employees, candidates and clients remain front and centre, but importantly go hand-in-hand with the environment, social impact and a solid governance framework. We’re still in the recruitment and talent solutions business, but we’re putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do and helping our clients do the same.

When it comes to sustainability, PageGroup believes in leading by example. Within our own organisation, we are increasing transparency, promoting gender equality and providing better opportunities for professional development.

The Group strives to minimise and mitigate its environmental footprint, demonstrating responsible business practices and good global citizenship.

This eBook is for companies that have decided to make sustainability an integral part of their business model and corporate culture. Read on to find out what sustainability is all about, and the new skills and roles organisations need to succeed.

At PageGroup, we’re passionate about helping organisations achieve their sustainability goals. Contact us today, and let’s talk about putting environment, social and governance at the heart of your business.

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