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Number of Global Career Opportunities is Increasing in Textile

Turkey is the top choice from raw materials to employee recruitment

Turkish textile industry once again showed it is a force to be reckon with, with 2.2 million people employed in 2015. Its strategic position, production speed and adaptability gives Turkey an advantage. Global recruitment company Michael Page investigated the sector’s position and recruitment tendencies.

“Turkey is pretty strong worldwide, with its know-how”

Firuze Ulku, responsible of recruitment in Textile, Buying, Merchandising and Design areas says, “Despite the commonly known negative path, textile sector is going through a positive and more corporate change. Textile paints a motivating picture with 2.2 million employees and 16.756.309.314 USD in 2015. Some global brands employ 250 – 300 people in their Turkish supply facilities. Global brands’ expat programs, the busy traffic of foreign manager and designers’ activities in Turkey enhances the international recognition. The number of companies transferring employees to Turkey and investing in their employees by working with recruitment firms is increasing day by day. Textile professionals, organizations like TGSD and educational institutes work very actively and support the increase of educated employees ratio in textile.”

Global career in a strong industry

Turkish textile sector has a very valuable and strong profile globally. Job alternatives, as well as production techniques and product knowledge, is going global. This is why Turkish Textile industry offers many career opportunities in both Turkey and abroad. Brands, Design Offices and manufacturers transform many employees from global platforms and Turkish employees can easily find jobs abroad as well.

Textile sector is pretty generous for technical employees speaking multiple languages

Firuze Ulku says, “Turkey provides employees for global brands as well. Turkey offices of global companies offer career opportunities. Especially in technical positions number of employees speaking two or more languages is scarce. The industry needs employees who speak multiple languages. For the employees with these credentials, the industry is very generous.”


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