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What Our Clients Say

Verifone -  Regional Vice President EEMEA

Kıvanç Derinalp

In today’s business world, how long does it take to solve a problem is as important as how it is solved. PageGroup’s most significant characteristic is their speed. They have the average of long time in this market and being a market leader, which enables them to solve problems very fast. This also brings a great advantage to their stakeholders. On top of this, they know the areas they work and the job market very well. Their wide network of consultants also a big element in their success.

Toyzzshop - CEO

Cem Sunman

I have had chance to work with them for several executive search projects. They successfully managed the recruitment processes and met our expectations all the time. Highly energetic, positive and hardworking consultants.  I am fully confident in their professionalism.  

For any opportunity that I may have I would definitely work with them again.

Arjo -  Managing Director

Banu Sungun

I am delighted that I have received more than a service and follow up that I was looking for from a recruitment company. I felt confident that the Michael Page consultant was only a phone call away and will always give the upmost effort to provide the best possible service. It’s not only the brand, it’s the people who make a workplace successful.

TE Automotive Turkey -  Managing Director

Ersin Yücecan

With their young and dynamic team, result-oriented approach, Michael Page is reliable solution partner of our company both in Turkey and globally. They are very easy to reach and agile, which makes our processes easier. That is why prefer to work with them and we are very happy about it.

Baumit - General Manager

Atalay Özdayi

We are proud to be working with PageGroup for many years. We receive a service, with quality which is a lot higher than sector average. They make our life easy and make a difference, by following every step of the service they give, their qualified team and high-level skills. I invite everyone to recognize their success, which enable them to pass 10 years in a challenging market and wishing Page team more years with success.

Crown Europe -  HR Director Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East

Greg Barnard

We worked with PageGroup on an important assignment in Turkey. We were very impressed by the consultants’ energy and enthusiasm and, ultimately, the fact that they delivered. They clearly understood what we were looking for and the first indications are that the candidate appointed fits the bill perfectly.

Crown Holdings -  SVP Europe & MENA

Ziya Ozay

PageGroup has done an extremely professional job during the course of our partnership. We were very pleased with the quality of the candidates and closed the process with success.

Hilti Turkey - Regional HR Director 

Canan Soybakış

As Hilti Turkey, we have worked with Page Executive for several different roles. Based on our experiences, I would definitely recommend them. The biggest strength of Page Executive is that they understand the clients’ needs very well. Although sometimes what client needs is far from common, they can see and evaluate the candidates like the client wants and they can take all the necessary actions. They are very good at this. Wishing you the best for your future achievements.

Petronas - General Manager

Burak Işıldak

When you work with Michael Page, the first thing you will notice is how a Michael Page consultant approaches you. They will listen to you with kindness, explain what they will do and how they will do it in a clear, understandable way, keep you informed in every step and show a great respect towards your Schedule. You will feel the corporate identity of Page when you work with them and witness the fulfillment of said corporate identity’s necessities.

Renishaw - General Manager

Sinan Fidanlıgül

Michael Page has experienced consultants who can analyze our sector, our needs as a company and provides a professional process management. Michael Page consultants have made us reach to hard to find skilled technical employees which we needed. They didn’t only present technically suitable candidates, but they analyzed our company culture and chose candidates who would join our family for the long haul. As Renishaw we wish Michael Page many more ten years to come.

Sysmex - General Manager

Umut Gökalp

Identifying the good candidates who will be the right fit for us.” Michael Page has been helping us with recruitment since 2014. They’ve done an excellent job in understanding and meeting our needs. Their grasp of our culture has been particularly important in finding the right talent since we always think long-term. Michael Page is doing a great job not only in identifying the good candidates but also in selecting the candidates who will be the right fit for us. Their success in the long-term nurtures trust which in turn brings further success for both parties.

Ecolab - Market HR Head Turkey & Israel

Tülay Topçu Duman

Michael Page has been very professional in her work with us at Ecolab. They were able to quickly grasp what we wanted to accomplish, asked the right probing questions and really listened to our answers to ensure that they were meeting our needs. They provided great candidate profiles to fill our vacancies and they are still with us. They were very good at following up and building close and professional relationship with all stakeholders. Our consultant was very responsive, works quickly, provides excellent communication and feedback, also returns quality, detail-oriented work. I highly recommend them for any search & selection project.

Iron Mountain - General Manager

Cenker Özhelvacı

I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Page in two different identities within 10 years. First as a business partner, they helped us to build a team with a common ambition to win. PageGroup consultants, with their different sectoral backgrounds supported us in managing a fast and effective recruitment process. With time passing and a happy coincidence later, I have crossed paths with Page Executive, this time as a candidate. They have analyzed their business partner’s needs in the best way and managed the process according to the candidate’s expectations too. The professionalism they show while managing the process is very comforting both from the candidate and client perspective.

Samsung - Assistant General Manager

Meriç Tunç

I would like to congratulate our business partner Michael Page, on their 10 th anniversary in Turkey. Their professional team feels like a part of our Samsung Electronics team.

Alexion - HR Director

Gülşah Alakuş Doğan

We have been working with Michael Page since the day Alexion Turkey was established. We are so happy that they always understand our needs and requests, as well as the service they provide us. They know very well the dynamics of the pharma sector, they find the right talent fast and help us grow our team. Since the first day we started to work with Michael Page, their consultants have always been our strategic business partners. We have high trust and collaboration in our partnership with them.

Hayat Kimya - HR Manager, Talent Acquisition & Internal Communications

Banu Sağunç

As Hayat Kimya family, we’ve been working with one of our business partners, Michael Page’s Turkey office for quite some time. We work on mostly Sales-Marketing and Expatriate roles together and can state that, one of the strengths of Michael Page consultants is that they understand our needs very well.
Because they approach the process from multiple angles, they anticipate the problems we might face and guide us in the right way. Their high company and market know-how makes them successful headhunters. I would like to thank for their fast and proactive approach.

Actera Group - Support Services Manager

Ella Israel

I am highly satisfied with Michael Page’s recruitment service provided for the three different administrative positions we searched. Our consultant responded quickly with the right quality of candidate profiles, transmitted our brief perfectly and accurately to the candidates, hence there was no surprise during the interviews. Both employer and employees were followed up after a few months of placement. Thank you for the excellent match!

Biomerieux - HR Manager

Matteo Strologo

“Fast in understanding our needs and solving them.” Michael Page is a global key partner for our business. They are fast in understanding our needs translating it in solutions.

Clintec - Clinical Operations Manager

Tuğçe Yalçınkaya

I would like to thank Michael Page for all their help on our company growth. I';m happy to have them as a partner of Clintec team. In the short time, they have been here, they have really helped to make things run smoothly.
I really appreciate their willingness to help out wherever needed. It's that kind of flexibility and dedication that will help Michael Page grow to its full potential.

Flaktgroup - Sales Manager

Doğan Cömert

Since the day we met with Michael Page, our vision on human resources has widen. Their experience, and the personal contributions of the team, made a huge change in our company’s recruitment process. We learnt that the best approach is to leave it to the expert.
Michael Page team can identify the most important issues for us and serve us as a real “Business Partner”. Their service is high-quality and fast at the same time, as you would expect from a leader brand.

Neutec - BD Specialist 

Sina Bilgiç

What we felt when we started working with Michael Page what we felt was a partner relationship rather than a standard consultancy service and a dynamic approach to our projects, this is what separated them from other consultancy companies providing a similar service.
Also, our strong communication with consultants coming from their respective sectors and constant feedback has added value to our processes.
If we take today’s competitive market conditions into consideration, I believe the hard projects and positions can be successful through our dynamism, cooperation and communication. As Neutec I believe our partnership will continue for many years to come.