Why screen the whole candidate market and choose between a large selection of applicants? Michael Page, one of the most trusted names in professional recruitment, is there. Michael Page consultants have been bringing businesses and professionals together for decades. We have access to the most current market information and are in contact with outstanding candidates in multiple sectors. We have offices in over 35 countries. No matter where you are or want to be, there is a Michael Page consultant who can support you. Let our qualified experts help you fill an open position.

Finding the most suitable candidate

Michael Page consultants are committed to helping you find you the best match. Once we know what type of profile you are looking for, we go through our databases and advertise your vacany, activate our network and address available candidates. We always check that qualifications are relevant to the job requirements so you can move forward with confidence. Your company information is treated as confidential and only passed along with explicit permission to do so.

Experts in the field

Whether it be Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing or Engineering, Michael Page consultants truly know the field they work in. Many of them have worked themselves in the field they now recruit for. This means when you choose to partner with Michael Page, you can take advantage of their years of experience and their network of connections. Our consultants understand what a qualified candidate should look like. They give valuable insight into how to identify the right fit. You are kept informed on trends and market standards so you can get the best possible person for the job.

Continuing assistance

Around 90% of our current business comes from returning customers and referrals. That is because we are committed to your satisfaction and, thanks to feedback from regular surveys, ensure that our service is always at its best. We are not only here to help you find your newest team member. Michael Page consultants also offer support should you encounter any difficulties or misunderstandings in the workplace.