You are no doubt familiar with the drowning feeling when another Monday morning comes around the corner. However, starting a new week feeling down is not doing you any good. Here are six tips to boost your motivation and start the new week with a positive outlook.

1. Take Advantage of the Weekend

Weekends are great, for many reasons. You have plenty of time to do plenty of things. PageGroup Marketing and Communications Executive Tugce Gulsoy says: “Use the weekends the most effective way possible for you, so you will start Monday already with pleasant mood.  Do something you really enjoy, full-fills your mind and spirit. Choose at least one activity to do at the weekends, which gives true joy and peace to you. Two full days are not so short, they are enough to let you even travel. Take advantage of at least some of this time. End Sunday with an entertaining movie or a relaxing book at night. A happier you will wake up in the Monday morning”

2. Start Week Refreshed

Sounds basic, but many of us underestimates the importance of having a regular sleep pattern. Avoid waking up very late on Saturdays and especially Sundays. Again, try to use your weekends wisely: on top of the activities you enjoy, also take some time to unwind and recharge. If you can, go to bed early on Sunday. A good rest can make a big difference on your Monday morning. “Also consider the power of physical activity for your overall wellbeing. It does not have to be an intense work-out or cardio session. Even a small walk to the office or some stretching before getting prepared for the work, can do the trick, circulate blood flow, enhances oxygen intake and improve your mood and physical wellness ”Gulsoy adds.

3. Remember Your Purpose

On your way to work on Monday morning, think about the reasons you do your work. What makes you care about this job? To feel completely satisfied, it should be more than your salary and side benefits, like company car and the mobile.

If you have trouble finding anything, go back to when you first started your career. Why did you choose this job in the first place?

If a strong sense of purpose is missing, it is worth searching for ways to gain it back. Maybe you should take on a challenge, a new task or project to re-gain your motivation.

4. Think About your Future

Use Monday morning to think about where you are at in your career now and where you want to be in future. Ask yourself questions like: What is my ultimate goal? What steps do I need to take to reach there on a daily- basis?

Having clear and achievable goals are essential to your satisfaction in the here and now. You will see that it is easier to manage daily tasks if you remember why you are doing so.

Your employer should also support and show you the options available to you in order to progress within the organization. Having said that, you still need to be proactive and seek out opportunities such as training, development, and promotions. Tugce Gulsoy suggests constantly following up the company news and notices from your local HR, Talent Development or Internal Communications departments. They have the most up-to-date information about these opportunities. “Also remember to check-up on the company platforms like Intranet and Yammer on a regular-basis to stay up-to-date with the opportunities in your organization”.

The value of succession planning

5. Make Some Changes

If thinking about your job already fills you with anxiety, you should go to the root of the issue. Are you bored? Stressed? Despite your efforts or positive performance, do you feel unappreciated at work?

Do not prison yourself to unhappiness. Instead, think about what needs to change in order to make you a happy employee. If you are having problems in your role or can identify possible improvements, raise your hand and speak up. Have a meeting with your manager to discuss your issues or ideas.

Employers always want happy, motivated and productive employees. Therefore a good manager will work with you through and support you to find a mutually beneficial solution for both sides.

Make a change and move forward

6. Maybe It’s Time To Do Something Else

If you consistently feel miserable on Monday mornings, it might be the time to plan a career change. Talking with a recruitment specialist can help you to understand what you are really looking for in your career. You could be aware of the opportunities in the market, as well as the suitable vacancies out there for you.  A chat with one of Michael Page’s recruitment consultants could help you to take the necessary steps toward a career you love.

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