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Why choose the Premium package?

The Premium package leverages your company’s brand across bespoke channels to target the most relevant candidates in your market. PageGroup’s team of digital experts build a campaign specific to your job roles, candidate skills required & location. Advanced performance tracking for PageGroup’s advertised roles ensures that the team are able to optimise each campaign based on what has achieved success before. 
Premium package product construct

Full exposure on digital platforms

People spend an average of 6.15 hours per day online, with social networking accounting for 30% of that time (Globalwebindex 2012-2014). The premium package ensures that top performing candidates are exposed to your role in the right time & place online. The premium package covers a candidate’s journey from search & discovery to consideration & finally selection, amplifying your brand and company culture as well as the job role and skill sets required.
Candidates who are not looking for jobs can be sought out through targeted multichannel digital campaigns based on their behaviour and for those candidates actively looking for roles; campaigns cover premium positioning on specialist job boards where similar campaigns have had proven success. Targeted search engine marketing campaigns are set up based on search volume for your job role & location and are optimised to show at key times of day/week for job search. 

Bespoke social media campaign

Social media channels offer a sophisticated way to target users based on behaviour, previous & current experience as well as demographics in real time. With users spending almost 2 out of the 6 hours per day online on social networking sites, the premium package ensures that your brand & role are positioned in front of relevant candidates when they are most likely to convert. A candidate’s social signals on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on forums and blogs can indicate when a candidate is starting to look for a new role & highlight their interests and topics which engage them and are highly useful channels to target candidates on.

Premium posting on Jobboards

Branded premium positions on specialist job boards typically achieve 5 x higher response rate than standard advertising. The Premium package includes coverage of generalist job boards as well as industry specific niche job boards. All job boards that are included in your unique package have had previous success in sourcing active candidates for job titles and industries similar to that of your advertised role. 

Client profile

The best candidates are most likely looking for a career in a great company which offers them opportunity to grow & progress; not just a job. There is no better way to sell a candidate your brand, company culture, give them a taste of the people that work in your business & to sell them into your vision & mission than creating a profile on the Michael Page or Page Personnel websites. Our websites attract over 330,000 and 100,000 unique visits per month respectively on average. A client profile gives your brand & role home page visibility & 3 pages of rich media to host & advertise your company’s culture in the “about us” section, an introduction to your employees in the “people” section & a platform to sell your office environment. The client profile is built & fully managed by PageGroup web team and effectiveness of your profile in driving candidates to your job roles is tracked on an ongoing basis.
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