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Our company

As an established international food retailer, with almost 600 stores in the UK alone, Lidl are one of the UK's retail success stories.  Our simple retail philosophy and efficient working practices allow us to focus on what we do best - providing top quality products at the lowest possible prices.  After 19 years, we are still rapidly expanding throughout the UK and are constantly striving to maintain and better our customer’s experience.
Our UK operation is divided between eight regional distribution centres with each servicing one eighth of our portfolio of almost 600 stores. We have a variety of store, warehouse and office based vacancies in each region.
Our UK based head office is located in the heart of Wimbledon where we are made up of a number of different departments. From advertising to purchasing, human resources to property and logistics to operations, we have regular vacancies in a variety of different fields and for different levels of expertise.
At Lidl we are as committed to our people as we are to our customers and our success story is primarily down to the quality and hard work of the people who work with us.  The dedication and loyalty of our 12,500 UK based employees is what drives our business forward and in joining Lidl you could be the next key player in our winning team.