Michael Page and Page Executive is recognised by clients and candidates the world over as the leading specialist consultancy, advising them on recruitment and updating them on the latest market’s developments.

To keep pursuing this goal, we will organize an online business meeting in partnership with some of our top clients, to debate how much do leadership teams portray their company’s diversity & inclusion strategies

The event will take place on December 13th

Emre Ünlü, Principal, and Ezgi Güneser, Associate Partner, Page Executive, will moderate the session.  

The panel will be composed by the following speakers:

  • Eda Güzeldemir Demiray, Country Human Resources Director, SHELL Turkey
  • Aysun Kalmık, Global Diversity & Inclusion Director / Group HR & Organization Director, Prysmian Group 
  • Ozan Gündüz, HR Director Commercial, PepsiCo
  • Alper Ayyıldız, HR Director, TPI

We will be discussing topics such as:

  • How can leaders work to create an inclusive business environment
  • Why are diverse teams more productive and happy
  • How can companies create a sustainable work place

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