A team is only strong when individuals work well together, so effective team building is an essential task for management. Many projects can only succeed when employees collaborate. Effective team forming ensures the best results for a company as well as happy, motivated employees dedicated to the organization's success.


Preparation is one of the most important aspects of team development. Clearly defining the team's objectives well in advance makes it easier for individuals to function as a unit. The team needs clearly defined roles and an understanding of what tasks they need to accomplish. Once this is done, particular assignments can be given to those individuals most suitable and qualified for each role. When the team has clear, measurable goals from the very beginning, the easier it is for them to succeed.

5 steps of strong communication

Team building

A lot depends on how well the team members work together. Some groups have one person who is responsible for making decisions; in others, each person has equal say in how their collective work is managed. Everyone should have equal amounts of work to do. Management also need to continuously assess overall progress and the members' continued ability to work together. By scheduling a meeting once per week, everyone is kept up to date on the progress as well as any issues that may arise. The team leader should always be vigilant in terms of how well the team members get along with each other.

Motivation is key

Even the most functional team can improve its productivity as long as every member is properly motivated. Cohesion is increased when a team is given challenges that get them to communicate and work with each other. A team leader can achieve this with new projects or by planning team-building events such as excursions. He or she can also build strength by praising an individual or collective work and acknowledging their accomplishments. With well-organized teams management can better position their company for future success.

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