In the first months of 2021, businesses have found themselves performing a delicate balancing act: having to navigate both Covid-19’s public health challenges and a prolonged downturn, while at the same time as preparing for the upcoming easing of lockdown restrictions and the growth it is hoped they will bring.

Organisations must now navigate the rest of the year with no guarantees on how the wider business and economic environment will look by the arrival of 2022. With so much still to be decided, organisations are focusing on initiatives that help them achieve the best possible state of readiness for the uncertain situation ahead.

Minimising the impact of interruptions to the business, for example, will remain a priority for a number of months even with the most optimistic predictions around the future of the pandemic. Technology leaders will need to continue focusing on infrastructure and processes that can not only respond to a business environment characterised by unclear and fluctuating customer demand, but also to changes due to ecosystems weakened by closures or operational issues with suppliers and partners.

Michael Page Information Technology has prepared a small report on the process of preparing your company to the future of work, with the help of digitalization and automation.

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