Every company endeavors to employ top performers and leaders with special abilities. Retaining employees of this caliber is a priority. The key to retaining employees with great skills and qualifications is to motivate them and establish a lasting connection with the company. However, different things motivate employees so managers need to spend time figuring out what each employee needs.

Build trust

One of the best ways to retain employees is to show that they are trusted to independently complete their assignments. Establish a clear framework within which employees can work and include key employees in decision-making processes. Treating employees with respect signals a company's faith in their abilities and goes a long way toward retaining employees for the long haul.

Motivate staff with praise and rewards

Openly praising and genuinely recognizing staff members' accomplishments is a very effective way to retain employees. Sometimes a simple thank you will suffice in making employees feel valued, which in turn motivates them to continue working in your company. Companies can also offer financial rewards or ask talented employees to participate in new projects. Getting to know employees will help managers determine what motivational tools work best with each one.

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Challenge your employees

For many employees, the ability to advance their professional and private goals is of the utmost priority. Offering opportunities for them to work on said goals is a great way to promote lifelong learning. Giving employees space to tackle the challenges assigned to them will help them use their full potential. Knowing where employees' strengths and weaknesses lie allows managers to offer each of them challenges that address their specific needs. Once they see how much they have grown they will feel even motivated to work for your company.

Listen to your employees

Of course, communication and the ability to listen to employees' concerns also facilitates employee retention. Team members then know they have a boss who takes their problems seriously. When employees know that their supervisors see their value, it becomes easier to entice them to continue working for your company. Showing genuine interest in each employee's development will ensure the long-term success of your company with employees dedicated to giving their best.

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