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What Our Candidates Say

Iron Mountain - General Manager

Cenker Özhelvacı

I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Page in two different identities within 10 years. First as a business partner, they helped us to build a team with a common ambition to win. PageGroup consultants, with their different sectoral backgrounds supported us in managing a fast and effective recruitment process. With time passing and a happy coincidence later, I have crossed paths with Page Executive, this time as a candidate. They have analysed their business partner’s needs in the best way and managed the process according to the candidate’s expectations too. The professionalism they show while managing the process is very comforting both from the candidate and client perspective.


Haver Pharma Inc. - Sales & Marketing Director

Hakan İpekciler

I would like to start by saying that to work with Michael Page has been an amazing experience. Its abilities and professionality are more than my expectations. 

I worked with them as a client and also employee while I was searching a job. Consultants listen well, understand your needs and create quick & creative ideas like a tailor made solution for your company.

I highly recommend to work with Michael Page that is fast, economic and efficient way to find a right people to your team.


Santa Farma - R&D Director

Ersin Yıldırım

I have met with Michael Page in 2016. With the extremely professional approach and follow-up of the consultant I have started at my new position at Santa Farma R&D Center very quickly. I would like to thank Michael Page for all their support and contributions.


Koramic - Sales Manager

Taner Şener

If you are looking for the right role and PageGroup contacts you, it means you are really lucky, because there is a big, dedicated and result-oriented work behind that very first phone call. This helps you a lot to set the next steps for your next career move.

While placing me in my current role, Page Executive truly supported me. The process management was professional and sincere at the same time. Thank you PageGroup.


OMW - Trading & Origination Manager

Serhad Öztürk

Michael Page; goes directly to the solution with creating a bridge between the company and the candidate thanks to the consultants’ fair point of view and sincere communication skills. While doing so, the consultants analyse your needs and skills very well and create a harmony of needs and expectations. They showcase the importance they give to the process with the feedbacks they provide not only until recruitment but after you’ve started your job as well.


Vorwerk Turkey - Finance Manager

Emre Zengin

PageGroup consultants helped me to advance in my career with concrete steps. They are the best!


Coca Cola Company - Financial Insights Manager

Mustafa Akkaya

Job search is something that every professional should do, even though they’re not actively looking for a job, just to see where the market is. Michael Page at this point, assumes the role of a mirror, showing the best possible opportunities available to a professional. Michael Page has gotten me together with international corporations during my passive and active job search periods and that has made it easier for me to make important career moves. The last of these encounters resulted in me taking a position in a global company, which I wanted to work for a lot. I thank Michael Page again for this support.


Sandoz - Product Manager

Dilek Arıcak

I was in a period of my life where my career was going through a difficult time and I was aggressively searching for a job. Of course I had good alternatives but I was searching for a position that would perfectly match my experience and expectations. I knew it wasn’t easy and would take time, but couldn’t help but feel concerned. Until I met Michael Page…

I’m at my new work after a series of fast and professional interviews. I would like to thank the entire Michael Page family for bringing this fresh approach to my career.


Biomerieux - Product Specialist

Erim Teker

We have moved forward with Michael Page through a healthy and correct communication during the recruitment process. The consultants follow the process very thoroughly from the first interview to the day the process ends. At Michael Page you work with consultants that have the vision to match the right person with the right job and have taken this on as a mission.

Our project was a recruitment process which I was able to get an answer to all of my questions, I could describe myself correctly and I was understood in the right way. I can say that it was a very good position, candidate match.

I would like to thank Michael Page for the consultancy and full support.


Ekin Kimya - Sales Specialist

Bahar Öztulunç

My life has changed after I met Michael Page. During a 2 month interview process they gave detailed information on the company and position, also managed the process very professionally with the company, which resulted me starting at a great job. It was a great joy to partner with Michael Page.


SHV Energy Turkey - Assistant to the CEO

Gökçe Tuşunel Sönmez

Michael Page is not just a consultancy company but a comrade who identifies with you, and directs you to positions and thoroughly follows interviews and the process that comes after. They know us better than we know ourselves and prioritize companies that we would be happy to work for. On the journey I embarked on thanks to them, I would like to thank the entire Michael Page family for their help on getting me everything I wanted.